Lex (lemon_sushi) wrote,

Da Palace story of Dawny

September 10. 2001 3:31 PM
"you think you know, but you have no idea"

The first part of my story is a lot like debs so deb dun kill me im not copyin ur skanky ass=D..
Once upon a time in November of 2000, my friend Amy makes dis awesome personal webpage and sends it to me on AIM! So im readin it and beside each of the shoutoutz to her friends she has dese lil dolls that are suppose to look like dem. So im lookin at all da lil dolls that spose to be lookin like me n i thought they were the cutest things in the world. soooo i go on da net -netqueen- and i type in all da lil words dollz dollies paper dolls whatever i could think of till i finally type in Cartoon Dolls and alllllll these lil pages come up.
So i click on em and look at all the cute ones and i looked at the small ones too but i thought they were so ugly. So i scroll down a lil further and it says "make your own cartoon dolls" so i click on it and ladeeda it sends me to the download site and i get palace. Well welcome palace wuz gone, so I didnt know how to log on and i just kept palace hangin around without knowin how to use it. so finally my boy Matt (real life hottie) tells me that you can connect to Palace.KidstownUSA.net:9998 so I connect to it and deres all these lil kid rooms and Cartoon people everywhereeeee so im lyk "wowwww cooooool" So i go into the rooms and trade lil skirts and lil shoes and then i went to the Ice Cream room and I met dis guy named KoRn DaDdY or sum shyt lyk that. We both lil preps so we scootin all next to eachother in our lil AF outfits, den he asks me out n im lyk "huh..on da internet..ewww" but i said yes cuz i didnt know whut else to say and den me n him (forgot his name so ill just call him Kdaddy) met dis gurl named Strawberry Kisses and her palace prep bf JoHn Da RiPpEr so den we all hangin out and cheat on eachother n have a good ol time.
Then all i hear about are lil preps talkin bout goin to the mountain..so i go ask em "whats the mountain" and they say mount olympus...the biggest coolest palace ever. So i get the addy and i go in and bein a dumb prep still i get picked on out muh ass but i dont think i really cared cuz those lil AVs were so ugly anyways rite? muahahah. So then i hang out there and theres all these mean people so i go back to kidstown and see kdaddy n i dump him cuz hes all over strawberry h0.
then oneeeee day. I see an advertisement at kidstown for Mystical Dreamz. so i go there (MD) and I didnt like it too much. So i look around and decide that i dont wanna get picked on anymore, so I get small avs which were really ugly but i thought they looked ok then. so den, i see all these people lyk DiamondDawg(trey) and LiLM(marcio) n WondaJulz(Julz) Jon (jon)..but i never talked to em so i just sat and watched and got tons of kool info. So den i start talkin to people n i meet jon and hes kool so we *sorta* go out and den he comes back in and gets mad cuz his name is outta mine so0o.
Bout dat time muh boy Kyle dat i met on worlds and he suddenly dissappears for four months and id didnt know where the hell he wuz, shows up on MSN outta da blue...den he says hi n im lyk hi..den we talk n i like him again cuz hes so sweet. So i tell him to get palace..It takes me a few weeks to get him on palace tho. and in between dat time I met Julz da weirdest gurl eva. So i meet her n im thinkin shes purty kool but we never really talked dat much.
Den i see marcio.. he wuz kool, n hes with this gurl Buzzi or sumthin n I didnt like him really at da time but I wuz always sittin dere n dey were blowin kisses at eachother but it didnt matter at the time cuz i didnt know him. *deep breath* So den I start talkin to him a lil bit when shes not on, but i felt really bad for doin it. but i liked him so much;x...and i guess he sorta liked me too cuz we go in dis room n buzzi comes in and he *sorta* dumps her n dey were fightin or sumthin..never payed much attention cuz i wuz in shock ova her seein cuz im nice n i didnt want her to get hurt n all.
so durin dis time i meet DD(trey) n hes pretty kool but he picks on me all the time..and then John who goes out with one of the co-owners beth starts pickin on me cuz i sat beside da mystical bot. Den marcio starts thinkin im flirtin with trey when im really not..or not tryin to at least. so he gets all mad. Den kyle gets palace and its all one big mess.
while all dis goin on i catch up wit julz n we start bein pretty good friends and shes all kool but weird n stuff n i used to think she had problems. But anywayz...after i meet julz n become friends i meet Deb..t0yz gurl n i pretty muh despised her cuz she wuz all skanky n had a bad attitude n stuff.
so anywayz i didnt know her that well..but trey n julz n me n marcio her, ken, and kai start da nitecrew and i never stayed up that late for mysterious reasons..actually i danced that early and it wuznt a problem since i lived by myself with derrick sometimes then (good dayz..minus the derrick part) and we play da question game n stuff
then me n marcio play a lil joke and he pretends to be kyle n he wuz actin all weird makin it look like kyle wuz gay..and it wuz spose to look like i wuz cheatin with him. so dennn i get really upset cuz kyles always been dere for me n i thought it wuz goin a lil too far.. Sooo i dared marcio to say he wuz gay one more time n he does n i start cryin, take his name outta mine n run off whinin into another room;x
now marcio n deb were tite so while me n marcio werent goin out dey got tighter n it made me sad cuz it wuz sorta gross n deb wuz still a skank in my mind..so bleh on them..but i still liked marcio cuz hes so sweet n cute. buttt then the gets mad again cuz he thinks i like kyle..and I end up not goin out with any of them cuz i go out with this lil Tim guy cuz i felt sorry for him cuz hes lyk 10. So den i still lyked marcio and i didnt think he knew cuz i liked him and i didnt want him to know i went out with a lil pig headed loser.
while all dissss shyt goin on i get promoted to wiz n den head wiz after deb gets promoted to god..her lil bitch ass ya know cuz shes a suck up...n e wayz...then i make da huge mistake of writin "trey sux kyle" in da enterance and susan comes in and kills me and unblesses me and i get really sad.. den da next day i wuz talkin to trey n bein all nice and she comes in and callz me a two faced cunt or sum shyt..so i get pissed n halfway go off on her before she kills me once again.
den i get a new client and change my name to Cassy and go under that name n i still like marcio so everything wuz kool as long as him n julz were still there. So im chillin and i make lil "i love md" tags and suck up to susan and she almost hires me but someone calls out my name and somehow everyone finds out its me and i go back to bein kool dawn again.
so finally i get to be a wiz again and den marcio asks me out again n we go out n i get blamed for a bunch of shit cuz people keep talkin ...n shorty (shortbitch) gets in da way n i hear all bout him and her cyberin so we break up again cuz hes always pissed anyway. so im all sad and about dat time (info never told....-> muh friend dies so i go in some sort of depression n keep blackin out and get in all sorts of trouble so i didnt come on for a while and i told everyone i wuz in the mountains. =*( .
den i see all bout dis lil clan type thing ee editors dat deb runz sine shes a good editor n all..so i try n edit sumthin and it turns out all ugly so im lyk screw it n never get in da club thingy cuz i didnt really know what it wuz anyway..but me n julz got to be better friends and i met AK da kool gurl and she just cracks me all da way up cuz she so funny stuff rofl.. and den i find out dat deb aint such a skanky ass after all n shes purty kool other than the fact dat she stole my marcio awayz from me. rofl.
den i hear dat MD is closin down and im all sad n stuff n everyones upset n makes lil signs n stuff...so then it shuts down and im lyk mauahhahahaahha but den i get sad cuz i cant see nobody no more..so i never get on palace and i deleted it and hid it behind all dis crap. so then one day julz tells me dat dey been hangin at CI..Creep Inn..so im lyk ok kool ill check it out if i can still figure out how to work palace..so i get on dere and everyone from md is there, n i meet some other kool people..but i REALLY hated the palace so i neva wanted to be friends with erin or chella cuz i didnt wanna work there cuz it suckered.
So we all hangin out dere and by dis time me n deb n julz r purty good friends even tho debs still a ho0chie n julz still bitches 24/7 -luv yallz- n we decide to make a new palace.
so dere we go and make a new palace and name it Assorted Crackers..which wuz hosted by meeee even tho everyone thinks im all nutz n everything..im actually pretty smart muahahahahahah. so we script dat n we all kool n shyt..n dey decide dey dun like the name REALLY fast..so we change it to .Bootycallz. which is a phat daddy name so were da booty bishes..so our palace is the koolest ever n all the md people come from CI to BC and were all kool..den it sorta fizzles out we go seperate ways for a few weeks..then me n julz decide we like BC a lil too much and decide to work on it a little more n people like it again. and denn we start advertisin and we get bunches of people (20) and were all happy n deb makes kewlio bgs and were all havin fun..and den i start likin marcio again n shit blows over n stuff happens and its a mess and thats EXACTLY where im at nowz! ty for listenin to my gay ass story and have a niceeee day!!!!
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