Lex (lemon_sushi) wrote,

Debz Pally Storie......

idea inspired from AK..
dedicated to AK *cuz she a nifty bish*

ok like about a yr ago.... Aug of 00.. i wuz on aol *cuz i wuz a aol addict* and all dese webpages had these lil
doll lookin thingz.. and i wuz like oh fuck me dere cute.. lol ;x. soooo i went to dis site wif all dese lil ppl on it.. and it said
make ur own.. i wuz like ooooooooo i wanna make my own.. cuz im cool like dat. soooo i got all da bullshit i needed and my
1st palace was avatars annoymus.. ;x i wuz a prep.. YES a prep.. but da 1st thingz i started to do was edit da lil preppyz
cuz i wanted to make my own. i met this chick hannibal lektress and she wuz mah palace gurlie.. she was my only friend as
a prep ;x i guess cuz i wuz a 'prep' ;x but NEWAY i made a lil line of t0yz prepz ;x heheh i never see those around tho.. cuz
i sucked back then.. i had one of those h0mo ass lil boothz n did editz for ppl. heh how FUN. neway... so im lookin for more
and more avz but i didnt know where to find em. somehow i ended up at mount olympus.. i didnt like it very much cuz i wuz a
'prep' and i wuz like wassup wit all dese tiny avz.. theyre funny lookin ;x.. so0o i goto MO's av palace which is MD *mystcial
dreamz* and i go there get lil avz.. yes thug.. so dayz go by and im wearin my thug avz at aa chillin wit da goth preppyz cuz
i didnt like dose normal preppyz >.< and one time on my trip to MD i talk to this chick.. and im like yo where u get all ur sessy
ass avz.. shes like i joined a clan.. i wuz like o0o how u do that? she wuz like goto mo and look in the rooms for a join whatever
and join em.. i wuz like okay coolz.. so i did.. and i joined unique :D.. right away i tried out to be a editor.. i remember cuz
when i tried i didnt know all the *secrets* yet and i basically SUCKED ;x.. liss made me a editor.. *she knew id get good ;x*
neway lol.. i wuz chillin in unique and made it to head editor..GO ME.. hehe datz when i met justin.. justy is mah longest pally
friend.. aint dat cute?.. neway so im in unqiue and theres this whole thing about how WA *winged angels* is help unqiue from
bein killed by HS *da asshole clan* neway.. so there was all this drama ladeda and wes *the leader of wa* made me his personal
editor.. *whoopdie do* it was gay.. so i left wa n went back to unqiue cuz it was unique.. so like im in unqiue just chillin and im
still goin to MD for avz.. so den there was more drama or whatever.. i was at MD one day.. and met dis kid Crown.. he wuz mah
boy... i missy him =*(.. neway so like i chilled wit him and i remember this 1 MD wiz would pick on him.. so i would curse out
da wiz n shit and he didnt do anythin to me.. hehe funny.. so like.. den i met this kid jay and this gurl lizzy .. jay was the man
i miss him too. but neway.. so like.. me jay crown and lizzy would chill at MD all da time.. so then cinz started comin to MD
she wuz in unqiue too.. and hated how u could never move up.. and shes like we should make a clan.. and i wuz like sureeee
cuz i wuz bored hehe.. so i wuz like what can we name it.. so we thought and thought and thought.. finally sumone came up
with p4L.. pimpin 4 life ;x.. sooooo p4L was born.. YAY go p4l.. so we go and start it up.. i was owner.. cinz was co-owner..
jay was da prez and frankayyyy *crown* was VP.. so like were gettin ppl cuz we cool like dat and den Lish joinz.. lish was mah
gurllll i miss her too.. she was like my best friend like how julz is.. me n her wuz alwayz wearin da same av n shit.. but it wuz
ok.. so p4l wuz like a lil family everyone liked eachother n shit and it got POPULAR fasttttt.... kai joined too!!! yay kai..
we would get about 100 ppl a week... so like we did this thing.. 100th person to join could get a cloner.. so we would get more
members.. so then this annoying gurl named ~WondaJulz~ comes in.. and shes like am i 100 i wanna cloner? im like nope and
shes like ill come back i wuz like lol okay whatever.. and she kept beggin.. so finally i wuz like lol lish can u send dis freak ;x
ur cloner? so she did.. lol then julzy was in p4l *yay julzy* so dennnnn .. cinz started bein a bitch.. so i got her outta p4l cuz my
memebers was leavin me.. and datz badddddd... hehe.. so den like.. there was dis MD/MO war that started.. and like my gurl ema
*in p4l* was banned from mo for workin at md.. and i wuz like yo datz fucked up and datz 1 of my memebers.. and i wuz pissed so
i moved p4l to MD and boycotted MO.. so only a few p4lerz came.. like da ones i knew.. julz, kai, lish and silver.. *wow a lot outta
like 400* so like i was talkin shit on MO and got banned hehe.. so i never went back dere for a really long time.. MD was tiny so
i killed p4l... u cant run a clan from another palace.. so then i was alwayz at MD and susan da owner seen dat.. so she hired me
as a wizzy yay go me... so i got sick of pally for a lil and stopped goin.. den i came back for a lil den they fired EVERYONE
and i wuz like awww... dawn and sumone else was like da only wiz's they had.. and i didnt know dawn well but i wuz pissed
cuz im cool and i shoulda been a wiz but then susan made me head wiz and i laughed at dawn in my head ;x.. so like me n julz
kept gettin tighter n tighter.. which wuz coolz.. i met marcio 1 day when i skipped out on work.. he was da shit.. and we wuz
talkin all day.. finally i got cool wit like trey and dis guy ken.. lol.. so we had the late crew.. me, marcio, ken, trey, sumtimes dawn
and kai would stay up late and play the question game... everyone used to think i wanted ken cuz i sat on him lol ;x.. but
hes a weird boy now and i dont want to get into that.. neway so it was chillin and marcio knew i wuz his friend when they played
this trick on me.. trey n marcio acted like dis boy kyle and dawn.. and acted like dawn wuz cheatin on marcio.. so i went nutz
on 'her' and he was like aww i know u my friend i wuz like of course.. so den u know we all kept chillin n shit.. me n marcio
made a apt at md and dawn got jealous ;x cuz marcio wuz mah boy.. me loves him@(*&#( neway lol.. so den i made EE! elite
editorz which wuz dis bangin ass clan dat gave out avz to ppl.. it wuz made to bring more ppl to MD.. oh and sumwherein there
i became a god.. wo0o! yay.. lol and head of aptz.. go me! neways so ee was born and grew and it was pretty chillin.. lotza ppl
was in it.. *well a lot for me to make theyre fuckin av roomz every week* and like me and marcio became tighter.. me andjulz did too
kai was coolz too lol... so like.. den me n marcio made a bot for our apt and she got mad ;x.. ok to continue.. eventually dis kid
eric asked me out.. i shoulda said no.. online relationshipz r gay.. anywayz i realized he was computer cheating *what a winner
he cant cheat irl so he does it online ;x* yay him.. newayz so seth made sum virus thing and we fucked up his comp* go us!.. o
yeah.. *im jumpin around a lot* hehe.. o yeah when i quit md.. hehe ok soooo im at md and jobe.. this guy who getz god rankz
for NO REASON only cuz dey was lil bitches keepz killin eric.. and im like yo wtf dude.. and i quit.. and i wuz like imma
delete my ee roomz and beth KILLED ME.. i wuz like yo dey mine cuz it mah clan.. my baby.. and like we had a special
sumone bless me so i could delete my roomz.. i blessed eric who banned beth and jobe and hayley.. hehe so like den MD wuz
upset which i dont blame em BUT DEY WAS BITCHESSSSSSSS anyway.. o yeah so like.. dere was this guy DB and i love
himz.. hehe he so cute for sumreason.. i dunno y but he alwayz breakz mah lil ol heart =*(.. he wuz in ee.. hes a nice editor too.
i remember seein him in a prep av at MD but he denyz it.. ;x and me n tekie got close too while i wasnt on palace.. hes mah
sweetheart.. i Love himmmmmm!!!! :D newayz.. so like im floatin around wit no where to go and den im on mo 1 day and meet
this gurl amie and shes like yo come to dis palace. im like ok .. so i go fill out a app and become a god at dis chillin place called
creep inn *CI* sooooo i bring mah pplz n we chillin n shit.. i meet erin da owner .. shes a tad sensitive.. i meet chella.. wo0o
dat gurlz insane and i meet trixxmixx! datz mah gurl.. so like sum of da old MDerz show up and im like heyyy dey like hiyaaa
n we allz chillin. i put ee up in ci but dat didnt last long.. wanna know why? keep fuckin readin ;x.. mah julzypoo getz hired at
ci so does chris and don.... so we all happy n shit and julz n dawn r like yo lets make a palace.. i wasnt too enthused about
da whole idea cuz i was all settled at ci.. and like i wuz like ok whatever.. so dat day i meet this kid fireboy or sum shit and he
was just too cute.. so i hire him at our palace which we wuz gonna name assorted crackers but dawwwwwnn didnt like it so we
named it bootycallz.. lol.. and dis boy was like MAD annoying.. we never thought we wuz gonna get hosted we just wanted to
play around so we used a lot of CI backgrounds.. and eventually we fired fireboy... we got fired from ci cuz we was at BC all da
time but it was like only temporary.. but erin didnt understand dat shit.. oy! so we worked on bc more.. den dere was all dis
drama wit Bc and ci..... *gagz* i could really care less u know u dun like me? ok bye go fuck yerself u know.. datz how i feel ;]
so we had a coolz lil clique at BC but it just faded awayz.. eventually sal hosted us and now we a real palace.. da end!
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